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Großbritannien und Nordirland
Carolina Matthes is an Illustrator and Graphic Artist based in Berlin. She got into computer Graphic Design and more specifically into vector Illustration few Years ago. She produces realistic yet contemporary imagery on a variety of Subjects, from Food t
Swirly Leopard - Kinder Premium T-Shirt
Swirly Leopard
Swirly Jellyfish - Stoffbeutel
Swirly Jellyfish
Swirly Shark - Kinder Bio-T-Shirt
Swirly Shark
Swirly Bat - Stoffbeutel
Swirly Bat
Evil Kitty - Stoffbeutel
Evil Kitty
Swirly Owl - Frauen T-Shirt
Swirly Owl
Retro Bubbles - Teenager T-Shirt
Retro Bubbles
Bat Swarm - Stoffbeutel
Bat Swarm
Swirly Earth - Bio-Stoffbeutel
Swirly Earth
Swirly Summer Time - Bio-Stoffbeutel
Swirly Summer Time
Swirly Octopus - Baby Bio-Lätzchen
Swirly Octopus
Grumpy is the new Black - Teenager Premium T-Shirt
Grumpy is the new Black
Swirly Bunny - Bio-Stoffbeutel
Swirly Bunny
Swirly Valentine - Stoffbeutel
Swirly Valentine
Swirly Bird - Stoffbeutel
Swirly Bird
Christmas Cat - Tasse einfarbig
Christmas Cat
Swirly Bones - Stoffbeutel
Swirly Bones
Swirly Pumpkin - Bio-Stoffbeutel
Swirly Pumpkin
Swirly Claw Marks - Stoffbeutel
Swirly Claw Marks
Swirly Wolf - Stoffbeutel
Swirly Wolf
Swirly Fangs - Teenager Premium T-Shirt
Swirly Fangs
Swirly Skull (color) - Kinder Premium T-Shirt
Swirly Skull (color)
Swirly Cat - Teenager Premium T-Shirt
Swirly Cat
Swirly Panda - Kinder Premium T-Shirt
Swirly Panda
Swirly Lion - Teenager Premium T-Shirt
Swirly Lion
Cats are... - Stoffbeutel
Cats are...
Cats are... - Stoffbeutel
Cats are...
Soccer Cameleon - Teenager Premium T-Shirt
Soccer Cameleon
Tabby with Scarf (Christmas Cat) - Stoffbeutel
Tabby with Scarf (Christmas Cat)
Swirly Cat - Männer Premium T-Shirt
Swirly Cat
Beautiful Bat - Kinder Premium T-Shirt
Beautiful Bat
Swirly Bat (Grunge) - Männer Premium T-Shirt
Swirly Bat (Grunge)
Swirly Elephant Family - Stoffbeutel
Swirly Elephant Family
Claw Marks - Stoffbeutel
Claw Marks
Swirly Skull - Männer T-Shirt
Swirly Skull
Swirly Chameleon - Frauen T-Shirt
Swirly Chameleon
Swirly Individualist - Männer T-Shirt
Swirly Individualist
Precious Tongue - Frauen T-Shirt
Precious Tongue
Swirly Portrait - iPhone 4/4s Hard Case
Swirly Portrait
London - iPhone 4/4s Hard Case
Swirly Pin Up - Stoffbeutel
Swirly Pin Up
Good Night Moon 2 - Stoffbeutel
Good Night Moon 2
Swirly Pin Up Grunge - Männer Premium T-Shirt
Swirly Pin Up "Grunge"
London  (outline) - Stoffbeutel
London (outline)
Good Night Moon 3 - Baby Bio-Lätzchen
Good Night Moon 3
Save Me!  (grunge) - Stoffbeutel
Save Me! (grunge)
Save Me ! - Männer Premium T-Shirt
Save Me !
Elephant - Baby Bio-Lätzchen
Ink Portrait - Stoffbeutel
Ink Portrait
goodnightmoon_w - Teenager T-Shirt
Paris white - Teenager T-Shirt
Paris white
Berlin - Männer T-Shirt
Berlin white - Teenager T-Shirt
Berlin white
London white - Männer T-Shirt
London white
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